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Seed for Aadhaar was planted way back in the 90s when Dr Jagmeet was running a busy paediatric nursing home along with her husband Dr Amarjeet Singh Chawla. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of saving severely ill children and newborns, she always felt that there was a lot behind the physical manifestations of disease. She wanted to explore the psyche behind illness, the effect of mind on illness and wellbeing and how the mind could be treated to bring positive results in physical health. She understood that human psychology and particularly counselling was needed to reach these depths.Concurrently, she started counselling her patients and getting good results, strengthened her resolve which goaded her into completing a course in Guidance and Counseling from Barkatullah University Bhopal.

Aadhaar Centre

Here she met Dr PreetiMathur a counseling psychologist who was one of the teachers of this course and Dr. AnupmaMaheshwari a co-student. Their friendship bloomed and genesis of Aadhaar Centre was laid.

Aadhaar started with 3 verticals: Child Development, Psychological Counselling and Career Counselling. Dr Jagmeet, Dr Preeti and Dr.Anupma Maheshwari took up the onus of the 3 divisions and started the work independently and in tandem with the visions and missions of Aadhaar.Aadhaar now has 101 members with 21 people working full time and rest in part time.

The major obstacles that they faced initially and are still facing were the response of society to these topics which were considered taboo.Disability was looked down upon and disabled children were considered a burden to the society. Psychological counselling and Career Counselling was not considered of importance. When free advice is available, counsellors were not supposed to dispense their views with ‘fee’! But gradually, when positive changes started manifesting the advantage of counselling and its value started spreading by word of mouth.

Aadhaar started its services in a 2 room infrastructure with only three experts in the area. Over the period of 15 years, the team increased and Aadhaar went from strength to strength with a complete multidisciplinary team of therapists viz. special educators, physiotherapists, speech therapists, yoga expert, etc. With in-house therapy and learning centre, they work untiringly… holding workshops in schools, colleges, for professionals, parenting workshops, career camps to name a few.

Aadhaar never compromised on its core values and ethics of transparency, honesty, dedication to its clients and integrity even at the cost of not being able to grow faster and sooner. The growth trajectory of Aadhaar has been slow and steady building a foundation, which is strong, stable and built to last.Aadhaar prides itself on its technical expertise and evidence based therapy with regular documentation of interventions carried out.

Aadhaar is a Child Welfare Organization formed by Doctors, Therapists & Professional Counselors and is devoted to assist and aid the growth of a child into a healthy & socially responsible human being Having embarked upon its pursuit way back in year 2004 and advancing through more than a decade, Aadhaar now seeks to strategically augment its presence and service dispensation specifically in the ensuing decade, i.e., 2018 to 2028.

Aadhaar Centre