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Child Development

School Readiness Program

Aadhaar runs an integrated pre-school education program for children with developmental disabilities. The resource room is located in our premises and has the capacity to train 20 children with special needs at a time. We intend to extend this program to more schools , to promote a model of inclusive education.

The training provided at aadhar school is highly structured. Every child, together with inputs from the parents, is assessed on a functional curriculum, that incorporates various areas such as communication, socialisation, gross and fine motor skills, preacademic concepts and imitation skills. The results of this assessment lead to the development of an Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) for each child wherein goals for each area are selected and teaching strategies are planned. The IEP is discussed with the parents and a copy is given to them. Regular parent-teacher meetings are held and these incorporate a strong training component.

The children are regularly assessed for achievement of their goals and appropriate modifications to the IEP are made. Every month a review of the IEPs is conducted and new programs are prepared for every child.

Activities at aadhar school are planned according to a daily schedule which has items such as morning assembly, circle time, IEP time, free play, exercise and tiffin time. The daily plan is explained to the children using a visual schedule. Since our focus is on inclusion, we try our best to ensure that all the children have an opportunity to interact. During the week, our preschoolers enjoy many common art and fun activity classes that promote integration, creativity, language development and socialization.

School For Children With Poor School Performance

Children with scholastic problems can be found in all of our schools and at all age levels. The earlier we can detect these problems, the better for the child. Many problems in childhood and even in adolescence go unnoticed, only to manifest in later years. Often the child is held back in class in order to allow him to catch up with his peers. The students and the family usually suffer emotionally. It can have serious consequences including school failure and drop out, depression, conduct disorders and even failed relationships.

Common reasons to scholastic backwardness are emotional problems, developmental problem some age related issues, learning disability, children with borderline intellectual functioning and some neurological problems.

A Multi-disciplinary approach is needed with Medical / Neurological examination, Vision, Hearing tests, Analysis of school reports, IQ testing, Educational assessment, and Counseling to resolve this issue of poor scholastic performance.

The therapists and counselors at Aadhar Centre are using sensitization and Life skills training program for teachers and students in various schools of Bhopal and neighboring districts to address Poor School Performance in students particularly Specific Learning Disability and other neurological problems viz. Autism, ADHD and emotional problems and to mainstreaming these children successfully is one of the thrust areas of the team at Aadhar. Aadhar is the only authorized centre in Madhya Pradesh authorized by CBSE as Certification authority for learning disabled students for availing CBSE provisions.

Life Skills training is already showing its impact by turning classrooms into child friendly spaces, where there are no barriers between the teachers and students. Whereas the training is helping the teachers to enhance their effectiveness in classroom transactions, it is also turning the children into independent thinkers, who have the capacities and competencies to learn and grow on their own terms.

Due to economic constraints, the outreach of this programme is limited and Aadhar is specifically looking forward to financial help in this sector.

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