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Aadhar is a Child Welfare Organization formed by Doctors, Therapists & Professional Counselors and is devoted to assist and aid the growth of a child into a healthy & socially responsible human being. We provide special health care to children and adolescents with developmental, emotional, behavioral, psychosomatic, neurodevelopment and educational problems in a child friendly environment through multidisciplinary approach.

Our team comprises of developmental pediatrician, clinical psychologist, career counselor, counselors, special educators, physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, nutrition specialist, educational experts and yoga therapist who have been trained and experienced to work with children and their families.

Aadhar was set up on the 27th of September 2004. There are mainly 2 divisions of Aadhar- Child Development Division and Psychological Counselling Division. The psychological counselling division is further subdivided into personal counselling and career counselling division.

Under these divisions we run 4 main clinics at Aadhar: Early Intervention Clinic, School Clinic, learning disability clinic and Adolescent Clinic. All the divisions & clinics work independently as well as in tandem with each other.

Working Strategy
  • Assist children with disabilities of all kind- Physical, Mental, Speech etc. and also identify the hidden disability Learning Disability, and help them overcome the trauma and the social rejection that goes with it.
  • Assist children going through emotional disturbances that hinder their growth as a normal child, personality & emotional disturbances
  • Work in the direction of preventing behavioral and emotional issues through sponsored community efforts on a regular basis.
  • Provide counselling to parents and empower them to manage their child’s growth in an effective way.
  • Serve as an open forum & consultation center for various Professionals such as Teachers Doctors & even Parents, interested contributing to issues related to children’s health growth
  • Career counselling by providing: Career orientation services in schools, workshops and personality development modules.
Services Offered

With the prime objective of reaching out to those in the society who need a helping hand and to increase the awareness of public, the therapists and counselors at Aadhar Centre are carrying out a number of activities for various target populations. Our main target groups are children, teachers, students, parents and adolescents.

  • Assessments:  comprehensive assessment of child for development, emotional, behavioral, psychosomatic, neurodevelopment and educational problems
  • Psychological tests: Intelligence IQ test, Personality tests (objective &projective tests), Interest and Aptitude
  •  Therapies: Individual Therapy , Group Therapy, Behavior therapy, CBT, Play Therapy, and Family Therapy
  • Multi modal treatment: for children with ADHD, Autism and other behavioral problems
  • Counselling: prenatal and antenatal counselling, adolescent counselling, behavioral counselling,  crisis intervention
  • Remedial Teaching for children with learning difficulty.
  • Early Intervention Programme for children with developmental delays, autism, ADHD, and other special needs
  • Career Counselling individual as well as group counselling sessions for adolescent who are at verge of career selection.
  • Workshops parenting, behavior management, life skills, adolescent problems and management, stress management, anger management, assertiveness training, exam phobia, personality development, self development.
  • Training Programme for Parents, teachers, adolescents, educators, counselors
  • School Health Programme to promote positive physical and mental health in children & for early detection & intervention in emotional physical & psychological problems
  • Self Help Groups for parents, adolescents, teenagers, teachers, social workers, counselors to promote psychosocial education and awareness.

Activities carried out by Aadhar

Aadhar is running Jeevan Aadhar- Adolescent helpline at JP Hospital Bhopal in collaboration with CMHO BHOPAL and supported by NHM Bhopal. Thru this helpline telephonic as well as face to face counseling services are provided on different adolescent issues – like educational, career, nutritional, reproductive and sexual health , life skills , psychological and personal issues. This helpline is linked with SAATHIYA APP developed by UNFPA. Thru this helpline more than 98. 5 thousand people are counseled by trained professionals till date.

Aadhar is  study center of IGNOU (15100D) Here we run MSc IN counselling and Family Therapy (MSc CFT), Post Graduate diploma in Counselling and family therapy, Diploma in early childhood care and education (DECE), Diploma in HIV and family education (DAFE),Diploma in nutrition and health education(DNHE), Certificate course in HIV and family education (CAFÉ), Certificate in food and nutrition (CFN), Certificate in Guidance (CIG)and Certificate in nutrition and child care (CNCC)

Aadhar have been authorized by CBSE as Certification authority for learning disabled students for availing CBSE provisions. It is the only authorized centre in Madhya Pradesh.

Teacher Training workshops have been carried out at various schools of Bhopal and adjoining areas. Also associated as faculty for in service teachers training Programme for Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers. We are associated as faculty in  RIE Bhopal, CRISP, RIE Ajmer, IGNOU, BERKATULLAH UNIVERSITY,  BSSS college, Career College, IES College  etc. and as external faculty of TISS Mumbai and Symbiosis Pune. We have a forum of SENCO’s (Special need coordinators) where counselors and faculty from various CBSE Schools are members. Here, Aadhar provides technical help and training to counselors in dealing with children with special needs .
Faculty of  Aadhar has taken Training Modules in Saksham project of NACO for  Training of STI counselors. they also facilitate the training of Adolescent health counselors , Medical officers, child protection officers , DCPU’s , Para legal workers , asha workers , aaganwadi workers etc.
Aadhar developed modules on menstrual Hyigene , Life skills , guidance and counseling , module for teachers of specially abled children etc for different agencies.

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Psychological Counselling
Address : E-7/803, Arera Colony,12 number Bus Stop, Near PNB ATM Bhopal, MP 462016
For Appointment Call :
0755 4275551/ 4258622 /
Organisational Chart
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Our Resource Persons And Divisions
Dr. Jagmeet K Chawla
Developmental Pediatrician & National Master Trainer(Indian Academy of Pediatrics) in Poor School Performance & Adolescent Training. Director Child development division, Early intervention clinic and Learning disability Clinic.

Dr. Preeti Mathur
Consultant Psychologist , Counsellor and life skill trainer. Director Counselling Division , School Clinic and incharge of Jeevan Aadhar helpline  Adolescent master trainer.

Dr. Anupma Maheshwari
Career Counsultant and and life skill trainer Director Career Counselling Division and coordinator IGNOU study centre.
Contact Details
Aadhar Centre
E-7/803, Arera Colony 12 number Bus Stop, Near PNB Bank ,Bhopal- 462016