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Personal Counselling

Our objective is to provide helping hands in crisis situation and to make personal self-sufficient to handle their personal and educational problems by their own in future.

Times are changing and so are we. With our hectic lifestyles, and ever mounting pressure to reach our goals and expectations, there is a need for some form of guidance to help us with what sometimes seem like insurmountable issues. Most of the problems arise from life situations and they significantly affect the performance.

We are usually unaccustomed or uncomfortable discussing our personal issues with our family members or friends. And since we are not able to deal with the problems on our own, they grow until they assume a life of their own and begin to affect our day-to-day behavior in ways that can be surprisingly debilitating!

This is when we can take the help of a trained professional to help resolve and deal with our problems/issues.

Alternatively, perhaps there is no problem to address, but we wish to focus on enhancing our skills, maximizing our potential and thereby empowering ourselves to lead a successful life. This calls for life coaching.I am a professional psychotherapist/counsellor trained in cognitive therapy and have more than 10 years of experience in counselling. I also coach clients to identify their strengths and empower them with skills which will help them to effectively achieve their personal and life goals in a manner that brings them personal satisfaction.

The terms "counselling" and "psycho therapy" are often used interchangeably. counselling is a talking treatment. In this treatment, focus is on helping the person by identifying the potentials and utilising them to sort out the best solutions of the problem. We counsel clients who would like to deal with problems in different aspects of life, perhaps related to:
  • work
  • relationships
  • parenting
  • personal self esteem
  • lack of people skills
  • management of stress
  • management of emotions
  • management of behavioural problems and so on
The Counselling Process
In psychotherapy/counselling sessions we will work together on exploring and clarifying the various aspects of the problem that you are experiencing. Various psychological therapeutic methods will be used to assist you in acquiring techniques that will help you better cope with the problems that you are facing. It will also help you in developing self awareness and enable you to perceive alternative choices of thought, feeling or action. Primarily the cognitive therapy techniques is used but in order to maximally help you, other therapeutic methods like that of: psychoanalytic therapy; gestalt therapy; person-centered therapy; existential therapy can be used.

Time Frame For Counselling
Therapy sessions normally held twice a week except in a crisis when sessions could be scheduled more often. The normal therapeutic hour is around 45 minutes.

We are professionally bound to respect and maintain confidentiality about the counselling sessions. However this may not be possible in some instances, for example when there is reasonable suspicion of abuse, neglect, homicide or other health and safety issues. Please be assured that all matters discussed in any form of counselling/coaching session with counsellor are dealt with in strict confidentiality unless required by law to report to the proper authorities.
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Psychological Counselling
Address : E-7/803, Arera Colony,12 number Bus Stop, Near PNB ATM Bhopal, MP 462016
For Appointment Call :
0755 4275551/ 4258622 /
Some common issues we face today
  • difficulty in relationships
  • balance between work and home
  • handling a difficult child
  • managing conflicts
  • anxieties and fears
  • study -related problems
  • meeting parental expectations
  • managing stresses of an accelerating
    pace of life
  • Poor self-esteem or self confidence
  • finding meaning in life
  • depression
  • loneliness
Goals Of Counselling
You will be helped to learn to better manage your subjective discomfort or distress and to increase your sense of well-being.