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Aadhar is a Study centre of IGNOU for a course on MSc Counseling And Family  Therapy(  under school of disabilities.  The contemporary social scenario has resulted in an increased demand for professional support in terms of counselling and family therapy and yet, there is an acute and urgent need of professionals and experts who could lend a helping hand in promoting positive family processes and develop abilities in individuals and families to effectively cope with stressful situations in a comprehensive way. This programme addresses this need perfectly.

Some of the remarkable features of this programme of study are:
  • The focus is on the applied aspect, and the thrust on opportunities for hands-on experience for the learners.
  • The programme will help in promoting positiveness such as strengthening family ties, fostering positive parenting and increasing resilience of individuals in vulnerable situations.
  • The programme also addresses negative aspects such as socio-psychological problems, maladaptive behavior, declining mental health and psychosomatic disorders that are being increasingly witnessed in the present times.
  • Supervised practicum is mandatory and designed to help the learners develop the requisite skills and competencies.
  • The programme provides the opportunity to specialize in Marital and Family therapy; Child and Adolescent counselling and Family therapy; Substance abuse Counselling and Family therapy.
  • A  Remarkable special feature of this programme is that it has the provision of  an exit point for learners(after one year)in the form of Post Graduate Diploma In counselling and Family Therapy (PGDCFT). The learners who have successfully completed PGDCFT Can join the second year of Msc.(CFT) and receive a Master’s degree after successfully completing  the syllabus of the second year.
Programme Objectives
The Programme objectives include the following :
  • To provide professional training at post graduate level in counselling and family Therapy.
  • To help the learner acquire professional skills and knowledge to help the clients deal with their emotional and psychological problems.
  • To help the learner develop the required attitudes for understanding people’s problems and to make the right type of problem solving intervention.
  • To meet the felt need of the society in the context of fostering constructive behaviour.
  • To promote positive family inter-relationships and reduce maladaptive behaviours  and  psychosomatic problems.
  Certificate Course in
Food and Nutrition (CFN)
  Certificate In Guidance (CIG)
  Certificate Course in Nutrition & Child Care (CNCC)
  Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)
Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree with Specialization in subjects like Human Development and family studies, child development, Human development and Childhood studies, child Development and family relationships, home science, Psychology, social work, Medicine,or other allied disciplines ,include Anthropology, Sociology, Education, philosophy, MBBS or equivalent qualification in Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha or Homeopathy, nursing etc. from aRecognized university.OR Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree in any subject along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling from a recognized University.
Fee Structure
First Year- Rs 14000/-
Second Year- Rs 14000/-
Applications are invited till the month of July