Training & Workshop

Witty International chain of schools Mumbai organised a seminar on: Understanding Child Behaviour and Managing Special Children on 29th May 2019 at the Pawan Bagh Malad branch by Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla

Witty International chain of schools Mumbai organised a seminar on: Understanding Child Behaviour and Managing Special Children on 29th May 2019 at the Pawan Bagh Malad branch by Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla renowned Development and Adolescent Paediatrician from Bhopal. It was well attended by about 150 teachers of children from Play Group to Grade 5. Dr Jagmeet in her inimitable style took the young teachers through the whole understanding of behaviour in children and how to manage difficult and challenging behaviour.She explained the neurodevelopmental disorders like Specific Learning Disability,Autism and ADHD and also gave them tips on handling class room behaviour issues. It was a informative and interactive session wel appreciated by all.

Career Guidance session organised by International NGO World Vision for Adolescents of Urban Slums of Bhopal on 7th. December 2018

International NGO World Vision Organised a career guidance sessions for the adolescent of urban slums of Bhopal on 7th Dec 2018. Dr. Anupma Maheshwari was invited as an expert speaker to interact with students.

Training session organised by Rajya Siksha on Identification, Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Disabled children on 25th November 2018

Rajya Shiksha Kendra organized a training workshop for Mobile Resource Coordinators of various districts of Madhya Pradesh at AICUF Ashram at Bhopal on 25th of Nov 2018. Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla Master trainer of Learning Disability. She explained all the details of Learning Disability in a simple and understandable way.The participants interacted actively and took active participation in the session.

Training workshop for mentors on reprlth organised by NHM on 15th and 19th November 2018.

Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla conducted a training session for Adolescent master trainers on reproductive Health. The sessions on RTI, STI & NCD were covered in a day long session. The training is held at AICUF Ashram Bhopal near Shahpura Lake.

Seminar on Juvenile Delinquency on 13. November.2018 in Jagran Lake University

Dr.Anupma Maheshwari was invited as an expert speaker by JLU School of Education, Jagran Lakecity University. They organized a Seminar on Juvenile Delinquency: Issues & Concerns (Identification for Early Intervention) on Tuesday, 13.11.18 commemorating National Education Day. The idea was to share real case studies and understand signs & symptoms of children before they loose their innocence due to lack of support and care.

Orientation Workshop on Special Needs Children for the students of RIE on 21st August 2018

Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla director of Child Development division explained aspects of normal development in children and delayed development in children with special needs. She also elaborated on the biological disorders particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Specific Learning Disability, etc. Following this the students were taken on a visit to the various departments of Aadhaar Centre and they also had an opportunity to interact with the therapist and children with special needs

Orientation Workshop on Various settings used in a counselling centre on 21st August 2018.

An informative workshop on various settings in a counselling session was conducted by Dr.Jagmeet Kaur Chawla and Dr. Anupma Maheshwari for the students of Regional College, Bhopal On 21st August around 39 adult learners along with their faculty at Regional Institute of Education Shyamla Hills Bhopal visited Aadhaar Centre of Child Development, Psychological Counselling and Career Counselling Bhopal. The learners were from various parts of the country. It was a very interactive and informative session wherein they were given an orientation on the psychological counseling and career counselling departments by Dr Anupama Maheshwari Director of Counseling Division discussed the various setting used in counseling. The students were very happy and learnt a lot in this exposure visit and were full of praise for the staff and up keep of the Centre.

Capacity Building workshop for Members of Child Welfare Committees of Madhya Pradesh 2 August-4 August 2018 at NLIU Bhopal

Capacity Building of Members of Child Welfare Committees of Madhya Pradesh was organized by: Department of Women and Child Development, UNICEF-Madhya Pradesh and NLIU at Bhopal from 2 August-4 August 2018 at NLIU Bhopal. The first session was on “Understanding the Psychology of Trauma faced by Children in Need of Care and Protection”. She explained the basis of trauma and made the participants do an activity following which the understanding became clear and lucid. The participants understood the main premise that empathy, sensitivity and compassion are what is mainly needed to understand the children in need of care and protection. The second session that Dr Jagmeet took was on “Communication with Children in need of Care and Protection” Dr Jagmeet started her session with clear understanding of what is communication and where it is needed and also the most important aspects of communication which are mainly non verbal and body language. For a better understanding about communication, she conducted an activity where the participants were divided in pairs and one participant was child and the other participant was the CWC Member. This activity brought to the fore all the aspects of good and bad communication and made the participants aware of their shortcomings in dealing with this sensitive issue. Both the presentations were very effective in bringing home the message of good communication, empathy and compassion and the tremendous role the CWC Members can play in the betterment of Children in need of care and protection.

Handling Special Children & Understanding their Behavior” on 2nd August 2018

Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla was invited as an expert for a special session at the Franchisee Meet of Brainy Bear Foundation School on 2nd Aug 2018. She spoke on the topic of “Handling Special Children & Understanding their Behavior” She started her session with explaining concept of who is a special child and Behavior and in her unique inimitable style kept the session interactive and simple to understand by every participant. The participation by the principals, teachers and franchisees was so evident in the fact that they continued sharing their experiences and getting clarifications about issues with children in their schools. It was a informative session well appreciated by all.

Parenting Workshop in Asnani School on 7th July 2018

Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla senior paediatrician and founder director of Aadhaar Centre for Child development, psychological and career counselling was invited as Chief Guest in Asnani School Bhopal for the celebration of Doctor day on 7th July in the school premises. She interacted with the children in her inimitable style and even made the little children of Grade 1 and 2 be an active part in her address. She inspired the children to follow their dreams and take care of their health by eating well, drinking adequate water and exercise. She also urged the students to dream big and become anything that they wished to. Dr Umesh Patel and Dr Agarwal and Ms Abhiruchi also addressed the children and shared their thoughts with them. The whole program was conducted beautifully and ended on a patriotic note with the National Anthem.

Career Counselling Session In St. Joseph Convent school on 12th April 2018

#chooseyourcareerbyyourchoice. Dr.Anupma Maheshwari conducted a very informative session in St.Joseph convent school, Bhopal for the students going in class 11th. Main emphasis was on making the right choice by self awareness.

Physical and Mental Health Assessment on 14th April 2018

Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla Developmental Pediatrician and Director of Aadhaar Centre was invited to assess the children for development and behavioral issues in newly inaugurated Mangalam School at Obaidullaganj. Dr Jagmeet assessed the children and parents whom she interacted with were very happy and satisfied. It is a laudable effort by Mangalam School to incorporate physical and mental health and assessments of each student by experts at the onset of its journey and this would give excellent results as part of holistic development of each child.

Member for Board of Studies in Jagran Lake University, Bhopal

Dr Anupma Maheshwari is appointed as a member of the board of studies of the school and Humanities and Arts of Jagran Lake University

Career Day In Eastren Public School( EPS) on 12 March 2018

A Career Day event was organised by Eastern Public School on March 12th, 2018 to emphasize and make students aware of all the career opportunities in various fields.Dr. Anupma Maheshwari a career counselling expert discussed the crucial importance of understanding yourself to match the most suitable career that you can surely succeed in. The session was well appreciated by the students and they got a clear picture of how to choose a career.

Stages of Growth and Development

Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla took the parents on a trip from the start of a child life to the formative years and school life and adolescence. She beautifully explained the various growth and development stages and problems which could be associated with development along with healthy food habits in a lucid manner.Dr Chawla in her simple and inimitable manner explained the various learning styles and how parents can help children make learning fun and improve outcomes. Dr Ritu Nanda Psychologist then took a session on behavioural issues of children. Following the sessions, the house was opened for interaction which was very participative, interactive and animated.The parents were very enthusiastic

Counselling Skills Workshop

Ten Days counselling skills workshop was organised for the budding professionals in the field of counselling from 27th November to 7th December 2017.The vision of the training program was to empower counselling professional with necessary skills.Dr Anupma Mheshwari of aadhar facilitates the training program. The main focus was on counselling, do and dont in counselling, process and types of counselling and important skills needed to be an effective counsellor. Audiovisual aids were used to show the importance of good counselling and its impact. Various issues were discussed through Case studies and role modelling. The participants were very active and ready to learn as much as possible.

Positive Parenting

Sagar Public School Bhopal inaugurated its 4th branch in the city of lakes Bhopal at Ratibad with a grand function and a session on Parenting by Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla. She addressed the parents, teachers and management on a session on Parenting where in her inimitable style she took the parents on a journey of Development and Growth with a brief understanding about the deviation of normal development and its identification. She then interacted will the parents on healthy food habits and behavioural issues and their management. The sessions were followed by open house interaction of parents. It was a well appreciated and informative session.

Stop Labeling Start Enablling

National Master Trainer Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla from Aadhaar Centre took a session for parents and teachers of Aryavrat School Arera Colony on 25th Nov.2017. The session was informative and interactive on Growth and Development of children emphasizing on how to understand normal growth and development and what is the developmental delay. The session was aptly named Stop Labeling Start Enablling.The parents asked a lot of questions on management and handling of behavioural issues and developmental delay which were adeptly handled by Dr Chawla.

Choose Your Career By Choice.

On 18th November 2017 Dr. Career counsellor and life skills Trainer took a session on “How to choose careers” for students of class 10th of St. Mary’s Academy, Saharanpur. The students were introduced to the various career options available after class 10th and how can they make a perfect career choice for themselves. The students had an enlightening interaction and it was a very interesting and animated discussion.

Attitude determines Altitude

Positive Thinking & Success An interactive seminar was conducted on this topic today by Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla for Classes Vll, Vlll & IX at Sagar Public School, Bhopal. The session started with what success actually means in a student life and methods to achieve it. The session also focused on how bullying and negative attitude pulls us down and decreases the possibilities of success and how it affects the bully as well as the victim and people all around. Types of bullying and various measures to deal with it effectively were also discussed. Dr. Chawla also emphasised on higher order thinking skills and how they affect our life and success. The seminar was interesting and informative with active participation of the students.

Facilitating School Readiness in Children and the Role of Early Childhood Educators

A One Day Conference on Facilitating School Readiness in Children and the Role of ECE was organized on 10th Sept 2016 at Hotel Lake View Ashok by the MP Chapter of Early Childhood Association and Brainy Bear School. Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla Development Pediatrician and Founder Director of Aadhaar Centre for Child Development was invited to a panel discussion under the same. It was an animated panel discussion with enthusiastic participation from the audience which comprised of teachers, educators and founders of Foundation schools. The topics of discussion ranged from when and how to start academics in children, how to identify children with difficulties and a range of other issues. Dr Chawla participated in this discussion and gave important and relevant information about the scientific and developmental aspect of Early Childhood Education. The animated and whole hearted exchange of ideas by the panelists and audience made the discussion very educative and worthwhile.

Career Guidance Workshop for youth groups of AARAMBH Society on 23rd May 2017

A one day career guidance workshop was organised for youth group of AARABH society. Total 25 adolescent and young participants (both gender). in the age group of 16-24 years attended this session. Highlights of the session are: 1.After 10th/12th what job opportunities are available for them if they are not interested in continuing studies further. 2.Professional courses with better job opportunities which they can do after 10th. After 10th/12th which subject/stream they should opt for which would have better job opportunities. 3.Awareness of courses having better job opportunities. 4.Information on Distance/online courses available for them at low cost.

Training Workshop on Menstural Health Management for Ground workers including Aanganwadi workers, Madhya organization workers and Supervisors was held on 17th and 18th of May 2017 in Budhni

A 2 day training Program for Ground workers was held on 17th and 18th of May 2017 at Budhni. Around 48-50 participants including Aanganwadi workers, Madhya organization workers and Supervisors attended this training. The First day started with the welcoming and introduction of Resource person Dr Jagmeet K Chawla from Bhopal who is Adolescent Ambassador and Expert in the subject of Menstrual Health Management. She started the session with Introduction of each participant and with instructions to make the training participatory rather than one way teaching. A Pre-Test was carried out by all the participants. The sessions started with the topic of Puberty and Adolescence and Menstruation – what is the physiology of puberty, changes which occur, what is menstruation and why it occurs. It was a PPT Presentation and predominantly interactive session with excellent participation by the trainees. The second session after lunch was a Role Play session. The participants were divided into 7 groups and each group was given a Situation- they were given 20 mins to prepare and then there was presentation by the groups. All the participants took active part in this session and understood the methods to bring about changes in real life situations. Day 2 started with recapitulation of the previous days learnings and then all the participants were divided in 7 groups. These groups were different from the previous days groups so that every participant could get opportunity to be an active participant. Each Group was given a topic regarding the work at Aanganwadis and mainly Menstrual health Management. Each Group then presented their presentation and queries were solved. After that, a session on RTI, STI, Disposal and Myths of Menstruation was taken. Films on Menstruation and its Management were shown. The last session was Open-House, where all queries, doubts, myths regarding Menstruation were raised and discussed. A Post-Test was carried out at the end of the session

Orientation Training Program on Counselling Skills

Three day orientation training program on counselling skills was conducted at Sewa Rural Jhagadia Distt Bharuch Gujrat . SEWA Rural is a voluntary, development-oriented institution has been working incessantly for the past 37 years for the improvement of people in their health and other fields in the rural and tribal areas of Jhagadia in South Gujarat.The vision of the training program was to empower the team of eight people to run Adolescent Hhelpline which is supposed to cover all adolescent issues of Gujrat and other states. Dr Preeti Mathur of aadhar facilitates the training program. Day one was focused on counselling , do and dont in counselling , process and types of counselling and important skills needed to be effective counsellor. Audio visual aids were used to show importance of good counselling and its impact. Various adolescent issues and adolescent psychology was the focus of day 2 ie. 27th April. The participants were very active and ready to learn as much as possible. they went to memory lane and revive their adolescence. they discussed what they love to do as adolescent and what disturb them a lot as adolescent.Dr Preeti explained adolescent and their need with suitable examples. Participant also analysed the risk and protective factors in life of adolescents. Last day was very energetic and full of activities. Dr Mathur explained the working of helpline and etiquette to be followed during call. Various round of mock sessions were conducted to empower the participants.

Module development workshop in a project mode in collaboration with RMSA and UNFPA for capacity building of adolescent girls (CBAG) on life skill education and adolescent health.

State Resource Centre Indore organized three days module development workshop from 8th to 10th Feb 16 in a project mode in collaboration with RMSA and UNFPA for capacity building of adolescent girls (CBAG) on life skill education and adolescent health targeting RMSA hostels spread all over MP. First phase of three days was organized at premises of SRC Indore.

Curriculum Designing Workshop in Jagran Lake University

The School of Humanities and Arts of Jagran Lake Universities organized a curriculum designing workshop on 4/02/17.Dr. Anupma Maheshwari was invited as subject expert for the board of studies meetings.

Career Mentoring Workshop in Jagran Lake University

A career mentoring workshop was organized by the School of Humanities and Arts of Jagran Lake Universities on 17/ January/17. Dr. Anupma Maheshwari address the students about the various choices they can make pertaining to their career.

Workshop on Career Options in the field of Humanities in BSSS College

Dr Anupma Maheshwari was invited as an expert speaker on 13th jan 2016 for the students of Humanities of BSSS college on the topic “ Career Opportunities in the field of Humanities”. It was well attended and appreciated by students of different stream of Humanities.

Life Skills Workshop in SOS village

Dr. Anupma Maheshwari was invited to conduct a workshop on life skills for the students of SOS village on 09/ jan/17. During the workshop students received required knowledge and information on various life skills and how to use them for better living.

Career Oriented Workshop in SOS Village

Dr. Anupma Maheshwari organized a career orientation workshop was for the students of SOS village on 22/ Dec/17. During the workshop students received required knowledge and information on various career options.

In service course of Primary Teachers for Kendriya Vidhyalya Sangthan

Dr Preeti Mathur was invited as a guest speaker for the 2nd spell of Inservice Course of Primary Teachers held at K.V.No.2, Bhopal. She interacted with teachers on the Topic: How the environment and family influence the growth of a child and factors affecting the mental development of child. The session was interactive and teachers came out with numerous behavioral and academic performances of children and discussed various means and strategies to help children.

Two day practice session on Counseling Skills and referral services for Adolescent Health Counsellors, organised by NHM Bhopal.

Full day Practice sessions for Adolescent Health Counselors was organized at Hotel Mayur Palace , ISBT, Bhopal on 20th and 27th December 2016 by NHM Bhopal . The opportunity was given to them to discuss their queries related to counseling and referral services. Dr Preeti Mathur of aadhar conducted this interactive practice session.The counselors came out with their queries related to topics-Difference between stress & depression,Suicidal counseling,Sexual abuse,White discharge, Menstrual problem- absence, scanty, over flow, and irregular , Adolescent pregnancy and abortion,Mental illness, Family planning techniques, RTI/STI, Nutrition and diet for anemia, diabetes, thyroid, sickle cell anemia and sugar ,Height and weight,Size of penis,Bleeding during sexual intercourse,Cyst Violence,Night fall , Masturbation,Life skills All the counselors were vocal to their queries and they were ready to learn more.

Session on Growing Up is Fun for the Specially-abled Adolescent of SOS Village.

Dr Preeti Mathur ànd Dr Jagmeet Kaur Chawla were invited by SOS home for Children with disability Khajurikala Bhopal to address Adolescents on Puberty changes. This is a very important and sensitive topic for all but mainly so for adolescents with special needs. The changes which take place are overwhelming for all adolescents but more challenging for these children and their caregivers. The session started with a brief introduction by the Director of SOS after which the children were divided in 2 groups. The girls and their mothers/aunties were taken through the journey of growing up by Dr Chawla in a very lucid and simple way with the help of PPT slides and discussion. It was a very interactive session with the mothers sharing the challenges which otherwise routine but in these children were overwhelming.They learnt about normal development, menstruation and other changes.Dr Preeti addressed the boys and addressed the emotional and psychological changes also emphasizing on masturbation and substance abuse. The speakers then interchanged with Dr Chawla addressing the boys on Physical changes and Dr Preeti taking the girls for Psychological changes. All the session were well appreciated and benefitted both the students and the caregivers

Session on Counselling for Children in Family Planning Association of India(FPAI)

Family Planning Association of India (FPA India) organized a training course on “Counselling for Children ” on 10th and 11th December, 2016, at Hotel Amar Villas, BHOPAL. The participants were students of MSW and person working with child functionaries. Dr Preeti Mathur facilitated the session on Child Development Stages and the need of counselling the session was interactive and practical oriented.

Five days training of Adolescent Health counselors

Five days training of AH counselors at Hotel Amar Villas from 28th November to 2nd December 16. The participants were newly appointed Adolescent health counselors appointed in 11 districts of Madhya Pradesh. Dr Preeti Mathur talked to them on counseling skills, adolescent issues risk and preventive factors.The sessions were planned to empower the freshly appointed counselors. Information about working of Adolescent helpline was also discussed with them

Workshop for devising strategy to prevent suicides in MP was organized by Atal Bihari Good Governance practicing academy (AIGGPA).

Workshop for devising strategy to prevent suicides in MP was organized by Atal Bihari Good Governance practicing academy (AIGGPA). Dr Preeti Mathur Incharge of Adolescent Helpline running at JP hospital participated in the workshop. She presented a bird eye view session on role of helpline in preventing suicide. The participants were from all over MP.

Training of Adolescent Health Counsellor

A training program was organized for AH counselors by NHM and UNFPA Bhopal at Hotel Rajhans Regency. The training was planned to orient the counselor about adolescent physical and mental health and role of counselors to empower them. Dr Preeti Mathur of aadhar talked about Mental health issues in adolescents and counseling skills. The sessions were interactive and empowering .

TOT on Mentural Hygiene Mnagement for the Counsellors of Family Planning Association (FPA) of India

A TOT was organised on 20th-21st September by Water Aid and WCD Bhopal on Menstrual Hygiene It is aimed at building capacities of ICDS staff who would facilitate the trainings at district and sub district level later on. Participants of this were CDPOs and the aim of TOT was to enhance their knowledge and skills required to address the issue of MHM using participatory approach. Dr Jagmeet Chawla and Dr Preeti Mathur were the resource person. Dr Chawla talked about Menarche, menstrual cycle , Problems related to menstruation, RTI and management whereas Dr Preeti Talked about myths related to Menstruation and how to plan sessions to address the issues of MHM with different stake holders

Session on “Counselling in Trauma Guilt and Self esteem for counsellors of Family Planning Association of India (FPA India)

Family Planning Association of India (FPA India) organized a training course on Counselling in Trauma Guilt and Self esteem on August 14th and 15th September , 2016, at Hotel Amar Villas, BHOPAL. Dr Preeti Mathur took session on counselling for Trauma. The participants were students of counselling, psychology, doctors and persons working with child functionaries, Dr Mathur talked about the impact of trauma on the wellbeing of individuals, signs and symptoms of trauma through case discussion and experience sharing. She also helped participants to practice the techniques of trauma counselling by role play, activities and demonstration.

Training of Adolescent Health Counsellors

A three days training program was organized for AH counselors appointed by different NGO’s by NHM and UNFPA Bhopal at Hotel Rajhans Regency from 9th to 13th september 2016. The training was planned to orient the counselor about adolescent physical and mental health and role of counselors to empower them. Dr Preeti Mathur of aadhar talked about Mental health issues in adolescents and counseling skills. The sessions were interactive and empowering .

Training of Counsellors of Swasth Samvaad Kendra - batch 2

The training of 42 counselors functioning in Swasthya Samwad Kendras was conducted from 27th August to 2nd September 16 at Hotel Mayur Palace, ISBT, Bhopal. The training was conducted with unique training methodology the first half was devoted for thematic inputs and second half was devoted to role play and counseling skills . Dr Preeti Mathur of aadhar facilitated the second half of the training program and planned sessions by making them more crisp and highlighted the points that are crucial and essential for giving counseling and referral services to clients- male and female both through clinic and bedside counseling.

Training of Counsellors of Swasth Samvaad Kendra - batch 1

The training of Counselors on integrated counseling was held from 8th August to 14th August 2016 at Hotel Mayur Palace, near ISBT, Hoshangabad Road. Total 33 participants from Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain division participated in the training. The objective of the training was to impart knowledge with regard to Maternal health, Child Health, Child health and nutrition, Adolescent Health, Family Planning, ICTC and STI components and counseling skills. These counselors help in running Swathya Samwad Kendra and offer integrated counseling services. These centers will be inaugurated on 15th August 16 across all districts of the state. Dr Preeti Mathur of aadhar facilitated the session on adolescent health and counseling

Consultative Meet At Chetna Ahmadabad

A consultative meet was organized by CHETNA Ahmadabadnon 10/08/16 for strategic plan for adolescents and young people with partners to elicit their suggestions. Participants from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra participated in the meet. Dr Preeti Mathur participated in the meet on behalf of aadhar Gyan Dhatri Samiti.

A one day sit-in consultative workshop on

A one day sit-in consultative workshop on Every child is special on children of Special needs in community, their challenges,identification,assessment and therapy was organised on 22nd September 2016 at Aadhaar Centre E-3 Senior MIG 12 Arera Colony Near Bhopal Fracture Hospital Bhopal-462016 from 10 am to 5 pm. Officials from various NGO working in disability sector attended it to update their information on National Trust schemes for person with disability. Workshop was very informative and participant actively participated in it .

Strengthening Counselling Skills Of Care Givers from 6th to 8 th september 2016

Successful organization of Third Phase of three days orientation workshop on counselling skills for persons working with vulnerable children in and around Gwalior. This workshop was organised by UNICEF and Women and Child Development Department of Gwalior to orient personnel with different counselling skills and their usage in the field especially when working with vulnerable children.Resource Persons were Dr.Preeti Mathur and Dr. Anupma Maheshwari. Programme was cordinated by Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla.

Session For Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers on Learning Disability

On 24 th May 2016, Dr Jagmeet K Chawla Developmental Pediatrician and Director of Child Developmental Division of Aadhaar Centre Bhopal took a session on Learning Disabilities for teachers of Kendriya Vidyalayas of Madhya Pradesh at KV 1 Bhopal. Dr Chawla explained the basis of Specific Learning Disability in a very clear and lucid manner. She particularly highlighted the characteristics with which children present and also how these children can be helped by remedial teaching and provisions offered by various Educational boards viz. CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. It is noteworthy to mention that Dr Chawla of Aadhaar Centre is the only recognized certification Authority for CBSE for availing the provisions for Sp LD for Class X and Class XII board exams The session was wholly interactive and the teachers benefitted tremendously by the session.

Celebration Of World Autism Day On 2nd April 2016

To raise awareness and acceptance of children with disability.Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti is celeberated Autism Day This program was held on 2nd April 2016 at Amer Bakery Hut Link road No.1,near Taran Pushkar-Bhopal There was Slogan and Poster Making Competition . Music for the ears and open mike for active participation.

Orientation Training Program on Counselling Skills for Person Working with Vulnerable Children Phase 2 in April2016

Successful organization of Second Phase of three days orientation workshop on counselling skills for persons working with vulnerable children in and around Gwalior. This workshop was organised by UNICEF and Women and Child Development Department of Gwalior to orient personnel with different counselling skills and their usage in the field especially when working with vulnerable children.Resource Persons were Dr.Preeti Mathur and Dr. Anupma Maheshwari

Woman’s Day Was celebrated by Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Mahavidyalaya Bhopal on 8th Mar 2016

Dr Jagmeet K Chawla (Development Pediatrician and Ambassador of Adolescent Pediatrics) Founder Director of Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti and Medical Director of Child Development Division Aadhaar Centre was invited as Guest of Honour. After the warm welcome by the staff and students, the lighting of the lamp and invoking blessing of Goddess Saraswati was done. A very inspiring and rich cultural program was presented by the students of the institution and Dr Chawla in her address to the staff and students urged them to love and respect themselves first and foremost and empower themselves to reach great heights. At the conclusion of the program, she was presented by a memento by Mrs. Latika Chauhan and Mrs. Fozia Vice Chairmen of the institution.

Health and Disability Detection Camp.

As part of Aadhaar’s continuing Outreach programs in various slums of Bhopal, a Health and Disability Detection Camp was held on Saturday, 27thFebruary 2016. The team consisted of 8 people from Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti, and Ms. Usha ,who was instrumental in coordinating the whole event, arrived at Durga Nagar slums’ Anganwadi in the morning and in a short time the walls were covered with banners of Aadhaar, tables set up, children with parents lined up and face Sheets being filled up. Around 30-35 children and adolescents had arrived for medical check- up, more girls than boys and in an orderly fashion the children went through the procedure of filling up their details ,getting weight and height checked etc. Ms.Renu, gave the gathered children, a lively talk on nutrition and Yoga, Ms. Mekhla explained about health related issues. It was identified that, among the gathered children, a few did have some disability issues .Having heard about the camp, some parents had even come from long distances to get their children checked up. The Camp and it’s Program was hugely appreciated by the people of Durga Nagar .With the assurance that many more such camps would be organized in the future, Aadhaar team bade farewell to the residents of Durga Nagar.

Awareness Programme on Career Counselling.

Awareness Programme for Minority Students for Vocational Courses in School Organised By- PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education,NCERT, Bhopal, in colloboration with Muslim Education and Career Promotion Society(MECAPS). Experts are Dr.Anupma Maheshwari and Mekhla Shrivastava from Aadhaar Centre and Jeevan Aadhaar.

Orientation Training Program on Counselling Skills for Person Working with Vulnerable Children

Successful organization of three days orientation workshop on counselling skills for persons working with vulnerable children, in one batch of 25-30 Persons) to orient them with different counselling skills and their usage in the field especially when working with vulnerable children. Resource Persons were Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla, Dr.Preeti Mathur and Dr. Anupma Maheshwari

Workshop in DPS, Kolar on Career Selection and Parenting of Adolescence for Parents.

A career counsellig workshop was conducted for the parents of the students of classes IX & X. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Anupma Maheshwari(Director- career counselling- Aadhaar Centre) and Dr. Preeti Mathur. The parents were enlightened about the different streams available after class X and how parents should help their wards in selecting the right career for them. Dr. Preeti also discussed different emotional phases of students at this age and how parents help in shaping the right kind of personality of their wards. It was a very effective and fruitful workshop where even parents shared their queries and went back home convinced.

Workshop on "Exam Stress"

Session by Dr.Anupma Maheshwari on exam stress for various coaching institutes of Bhopal.

Workshop on "Multiple Intelligences"

Session By Dr.Preeti Mathur on " Multiple intelligence for primary teachers of Kendriya Vidhyalya M.P Cluster at K.V. No.1, Bhopal.

Raising Awareness among Adolescent Girls in Slums of Bhopal on Reproductive and Sexual Health of Adolescent Girls and Life Skills

Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti (AGDS) and UNFPA organized an awareness programme on Life skills and Reproductive and Sexual Health for adolescent girls from 5 different slum communities of Bhopal. It was a three day awareness campaign inaugurated by Ms Ratna Mukherji, Seceratary Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti and Mrs Shilpi Agnani from UNFPA. Workshop was smoothly conducted by Directors of Aadhaar centre- Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla, Dr. Preeti Mathur and Dr.Anupma Maheshwari.

Activities of Aadhaar at Durga Puja with Arera Bangiya Parishad

The festive season of Navratri began on the 13th of October, for the rest of the country, but this year Aadhaar decided to celebrate it with the Bengalis of Bhopal, specifically Arera Bangiya Parishad’s Durga Puja at Ashoka Housing Society’s park, from 20st to 22nd of October2015. Our therapists, volunteers and Directors all pitched in to make Aadhaar’s participation an event to remember. This time Aadhaar had decided to put up a stall, filled with beautiful handmade cards, hand painted diyas, handmade book marks, hand painted envelopes and a few beautiful Warli paintings donated by a volunteer, sent all the way from upper Assam. The stall was manned by our volunteers and therapists every evening, who all did a commendable job, trying to sell Aadhaar’s hand crafted products, spreading awareness about Aadhaar’s body of work, to all who cared to stop by, at the same time enjoying the ongoing Puja, Arti, other stalls and ongoing cultural activities. The three days spent at the Durga Puja premises were gone all too soon when Dussehra arrived and with Devi Durga’s Visarjan, the wait began for the next year’s festivities.

The renowned Nutrition expert Dr.Anjum’s Interactive Session with the staff of Aadhaar

We all have our particular food habits depending upon our upbringing and cultural backgrounds. These habits make us like certain foods and some which individually and as a family we tend to avoid. These decisions may be right for our health or may have adverse effects. According to Nutrition Expert Dr. Ajum, who visited Aadhaar Centre on the 14th of November and interacted with the staff of Aadhaar, explained the cause and effect of these decisions we tend to make with our food habits. Her session was well attended and helped many of the staff to resolve the wrong attitudes we tend to develop and maintain about food habits. They also learned how to rectify the lifestyle mistakes by knowing their body needs and thereby avoiding many of the imbalances caused by lopsided food habits.

Visit by students of DCGC (Diploma in Guidance and Counseling) run by Regional Institute of Education on 11th September 2015

On 11th September 2015 the morning was a busy one at AADHAR with a team of 50 students led by Dr. Suniti Khare of Regional Institute of Education coming over to observe the students of Aadhaar School and Jeevan Aadhaar Adolescent Helpline. They also interacted with therapists and counselors of Aadhaar and learnt about the workings of Aadhaar Centre. The session was conducted by Drs.Jagmeet K.Chawla, Preeti Mathur and Anupma Maheshwari. The Day being an Activity Day for the children of Aadhaar School, the guests enjoyed the dance and music session conducted by Ms. Renu Tiwari. The visit ended with a photo session with the therapists and counselors of Aadhaar.

Visit by students of DCGC (Diploma in Guidance and Counseling) run by Regional Institute of Education on 11th September 2015

Session by Dr.Anupma Maheshwari on exam stress for various coaching institutes of Bhopal.

Eco Friendly Ganesha(clay) Workshop held at Aadhaar Centre on 16th September 2015

On the 16th of September 2015, Aadhaar Centre was buzzing with activity. Mr. Kamlesh Verma from EPCO, Bhopal was instructing the parents, therapists and others on the art of making Eco Friendly Ganesha, made from the material we are all familiar with-simple garden variety CLAY=mitti in Hindi. Our elephant faced God Ganesha, sitting in his celestial abode must have been left wondering, what shape and size his form was transformed to, at the hands of the gathered students of the eco friendly workshop. Mr.Verma also instructed the learners on making of swans, diyas etc. In his expert hands the ‘Down to Earth- CLAY’ came alive, transforming itself into lovely shapes and sizes. The enthusiastic crowd was thrilled with their handiwork, squeals of excitement and satisfaction which was emanating from the room was proof of the popularity of the workshop. Most of the participants took home their own Hand Made Eco Friendly Clay Ganesha, rest left them to be on display for Ganesha Chaturthi, to be celebrated at Aadhaar Centre on the 17th of September 2015


The visit by Drs.Anupma Maheshwari and Preeti Mathur ,the Career Specialist and Consultant Psychologist from Aadhaar Centre,Bhopal to Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer was very successful. Based on their work at Regional Institute of Education ,Bhopal as Resource Persons for their in CONTACT Program of Diploma Courses in Guidance and Counseling ,the Ajmer Centre of Regional Institute of Education invited Dr.Maheshwari and Dr.Mathur to instruct students undertaking Diploma Course in Guidance and Counseling on Career Counseling and Counseling Skills.


July 24th 2015 began with a flurry of activities at AADHAR , as 25 students of Delhi Public School-Neelbad, Bhopal accompanied by 2 faculty members arrived to a rousing welcome. It was an auspicious start to AADHAR School of Excellence-an inclusive school which welcomes all children into its loving fold, irrespective of their status-mental, physical and economical. Dr. Anupma Maheshwari, Head of the Career Counseling Division was at the gate, welcoming all members of DPS, who had arrived to observe and interact with the students and learn from Division Heads and members of AADHAR. The students of DPS were informed about AADHAR School of Excellence as well as other activities of AADHAR Centre, initially by Dr. Anupma Maheshwari, later Dr.Jagmeet K.Chawla, Head of Child Development Division and Dr. Preeti Mathur, Head of Psychological Counseling Division interacted with the students’ of DPS at length and helped them understand the intricacies of the workings of AADHAR Centre, actively working in this field for the past 10 years. Later the students’ of DPS were divided into groups of 5 members each, who then interacted with the Special pupils of AADHAR School of Excellence and in the short time available, tried to absorb and note the peculiarities of each child. After this session, DPS’ students gathered together yet again and had an informative, interactive question answer session with all members of AADHAR. Team members - Kalpana, Priyanka, Sheela, Pushpa, Jyoti, Lata and Deepika were introduced to the students and Faculty members of Delhi Public School. Ms. Renu Tiwari, the Yoga,Nutrition and Activity expert and a team member of AADHAR and the Secretary were also present to grace the occasion. The day ended with a photo session and the Team from Delhi Public School graciously handed over a few Mementos to the Members of AADHAR.

Teen Camp From 18 MAY TO 23 MAY 2015

At the just concluded Teen Camp held at Aadhaar Centre between 18th-23rd May 2015,quite a few youngsters turned up to participate and enrich their lives. As part of the program they learnt about Stress Mangement, Anger Management, How to get to know themselves and face the challenges of life, love, relationships, studies and eventually choosing the right Career for themselves. Everyday the sessions would start at 10am with Ms.Renu Tiwari,a qualified Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist, guiding the teenagers through a short Yoga Session as well as conducting a small demonstration cum lecture on good nutrition. The rest of the time was divided between various activities related to raging current topics of interest to the Teens present, which were thoroughly enjoyed by the assembled group. The sessions were ably headed by Dr. Anupma Maheshwari-Career Counselor at Aadhaar Centre, Dr.Preeti Mathur-Psychologist and Counselor and Ms.Renu Tiwari-Yoga instructor and Nutritionist.

Card Making Workshop For Parents at Aadhaar Centre

Aadhaar runs an integrated pre-school education program for children with developmental disabilities. As part of this, we run a training programme for parents with special needs child. To foster camaraderie and skill development, short workshops are conducted for parents particularly mothers wherein they express their creativity, enhance their inherent skills and spend time with other parents. Recently a week long card making workshop was held in the month of January 2015. In this workshop the mothers learnt card making under the guidance of certain members of the organisation while their children were undergoing therapy. The feedback received from the parents’ emphasized the fact that such activities bring about increased bonding amongst parents.

Out Reach Program

1. In school adolescent girls and boys To solve queries of students on various adolescent issues a workshop was organized for them. A question box was kept in the school premises atleast a week prior to the workshop and collected a day before. The queries received were sorted out; on the basis of need, specialists from aadhar visited the school to disseminate correct knowledge. Our experts’ panel consists of adolescent pediatrician, consultant psychologist, career counselor, and other trained counselors. Till date such programs were conducted in Canyon Hr sec school, Rajiv Gandhi School , Raja Bhoj, Old Campion, Kamla Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Naveen Kanya, Raj pushp, Nalanda school and Sarojini Naidu School.
2. Out of school boys and girls To provide helping hand and to disseminate ARSH information ,some outreach programs were planned for out of school children of Bhopal. We targeted slums of Kolar colony, Rishi Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Arif Nagar, Barkhedi near Extol College, Jhangirabad, Sai Baba Nagar, Krishana Nagar, PC nagar, Ishwar Nagar, Durga nagar habibganj, Kolar colony 3 clusters, Akbarpur Phase II, Bhadbhada, Walmi. Team of Aadhaar have taken various sessions and informed them about the helpline facilities . Separate sessions were planned for boys and girls to solve their queries.
3. Service Providers To spread awareness on ARSH issues and services provided under helpline, we are also providing hand holding to “USHA – Shahri Asha’s”, Sabla, Sakhi Saheli, ARSH Counsellors. As these workers are interacting with out of school adolescents at community and grassroots level, so they need to be empower on a regular basis. . We frequently interact with them personally,on email or telephonically and sort out their queries about growing up changes and other adolescent issues.

Health Camps

Two health camps were organized by professionals of "Aadhaar" for complete physical, mental and emotional assessment of children. On 24/November/13 camp was conducted in Gurudwara,E-4, Arera Colony, Bhopal and On 1/Febyrary/14at 1100 Hanuman Mandir, E-7, Arera Colony,Bhopal.

Panel Discussion On “Inter-Spousal Violence And Its Impact On Children

The UNFPA–spearheaded and sponsored campaign raising awareness about violence against women in collaboration with Aadhaar Gyan dhatri Samiti was held in Billabong High International School on the 9th of December, 2013.This discussion which witnessed active participation focussed on issues like Eve- teasing, Domestic violence, Rape/torture of women. Besides Billabong High International School which co-hosted it, some of the leading schools of the city, namely Delhi Public School, Sharda Vidya Mandir and Canyon Higher Secondary School also participated in the discussion. The panel comprising Dr. Prakash Dev, State Chief of the UNFPA, Dr. Raka Arya, Asst. Prof. NLIU, Ms Pragyan Mohanty , Program Co-ordinator IWID, and renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Sumit Roy shared their invaluable knowledge and experiences with the young students who were extremely vocal and vociferous in their stand against suppression of women. Gender Equality was identified as the primary attitude to be inculcated at an early age in every home through sensitization, most definitely to be endorsed by schools, teachers and parents. The enduring thought that was imprinted on every soul present was: “Be the change, you want to see in the world.”

Orientation Training Program for ARSH Counsellors

The six day long training programme during October 21 – 26, 2013 is jointly organized by UNFPA, NRHM, GoMP and Aadhaar. This intensive training programme aimed at enhancing the level of knowledge and building the capacity of ARSH counselors. It has covered significant topics such as growth and development of adolescents, communicating with adolescents, reproductive health, sexual health, safe motherhood, family planning and contraceptive techniques, life skills, nutrition, RTIs and STIs, HIV/AIDS, gender, concept of counseling, techniques of counseling, understanding and practicing counseling skills. It is important for the counselors to realize their responsibility as a counselor and imbibe the desired skills. It is a matter of great pride that Madhya Pradesh is the first state to implement the ARSH programme. Hence, this is also a huge responsibility. Objective The overall objective of the training was to orient the ARSH counselor about the special needs and concerns of adolescents and also to train them on counseling skills so that they are better equipped to respond to needs of the adolescents more effectively, efficiently and with greater sensitivity. At the end of the training process the ARSH counselors would be: Able to provide counseling services to adolescents More knowledgeable about the characteristics of adolescent development Able to understand the needs of adolescent Better equipped with information and resources, thereby able to provide adolescent friendly counseling services Able to make plan to indicate the changes in their work to deliver adolescent friendly counseling services through the routine clinics at district level.

Seminar on World Population Day

A seminar on burning issue of Adolescent pregnancy was organized on world population day by UNFPA and Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti at Hotel Ashoka Lakeview on Thursday, July 11, 2013 for medical practitioners and NGO Partners. Dr Prakash Deo State Program Cordinator, UNFPA initiated the program and discussed the Importance of World Population Day and contribution of UNPFA. Dr Madhuri Chandra Professor Ob/Gy Sultania Hospital Bhopal, Mr Tejram Jat, state program officer UNFPA, Dr Jagmeet K Chawla(Ambassador of Adolescent Pediatrics by IAP)and Dr Varuna Pathak were the esteemed speakers. Total 64 medical practitioners and NGO partners participated in the programme.

Orientatioin Workshop For Counselling Professional On Counselling Skills

An Orientatioin Workshop for “Counselling Professional On Counselling Skills” was organized in the month of June 2013. Aadhaar the centre for Child Development and Psychological Counselling organized a 2 day workshop on Orientation Programme on Counselling skills for Counseling Professionals on the 17 and 18 June 2013 in its premises. It was very insightful and an eye-opener for all the participants to know the actual reality of practical issues in different counseling situations. This centre was well attended and appreciated by students of Counselling and teachers.

Orientation Training Program For ARSH Helpline And Counseling Cell

On 13th of April 2013 an orientation for ARSH helpline and counselling Cell was organised by Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti and CMHO Bhopal, at Palash hotel. Esteemed guests were Dr. Pankaj Shukla CMHO Bhopal, Dr. Madhuri Chandra, Gyneacologist , Sultania Janana Hosiptal, Bhopal, Dr, J S Tuteja, President Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi Sr. Pediatrician Kamla Nehru Hospital, Bhopal and others, the program was formally inaugurated by CMHO, Bhopal. Objective The overall objective of the training was to orient the Counsellors, Medical Practitioner, Media and others to understand- need for counselling in adolescents. various stages and situations where adolescents need counselling, various grey areas in telecounselling how a telecounsellor has to be more vigilant and work in specific situations. the need for counsellors to be aware of legalities needed in various cases of suicide, trafficking rape and harassment Need of good referral networks for telecounsellors. Telecounsellors should be aware of various resources and agencies which may help in rehabilitation of children and adolescents

Workshop On Effective Parenting - For Parents

In collaboration with many schools of Bhopal various workshops were conducted for parents on various topics like healthy eating practices and preparation of low-cost recipes (in collaboration with the Goa College of Home Science), parenting skills, disciplining practices and understanding learning difficulties.

Teacher Training Program

We have carried out workshops for teachers of various schools of Bhopal on topics: understanding learning disabilities, inclusive education, phonics and language development, positive disciplining practices and classroom management, understanding and being sensitive to the needs of adolescents, stress management, anger management, self-esteem, child development, learning process, children with special needs and augmentative communication. We also had interactive lectures for the teachers of various Colleges of Bhopal.

Mentoring The Winner

Two day orientation workshop for parents, teachers and mentors. The objective of workshop was to provide helping hand in stimulating continued reforms in education by enabling participants to: Understand the concept of Multiple intelligence by practical introduction to the theory of multiple intelligences for individuals new to the model Identify all types of intelligence and learning style helpful in the field of education; Explore a range of skills and activities to enhance particular type of intelligence; Discuss the application of those skills to their own area of practice. 14 participants from different group participated in the program.

Counselling Skill Training

Counselling skill training program for budding counselors was organized by Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti on 17th and 18th June 2013. The emphasis was on developing basic skills of counselling ie listening skills, empathy building, facilitation, advice and information giving skills. 12 budding counselors participated in the training program.

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