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The Aadhaar Centre for Child Development and Psychological Counselling, nicknamed, Aadhaar, is a child welfare organization formed by a group of doctors, therapists and professional counsellors. It is devoted to assist and aid the growth of a child into a healthy and socially responsible human being. Located at Bhopal, it provides special health care to children and adolescents with developmental, emotional, behavioral, psychosomatic, neurodevelopment and educational problems in a child-friendly environment through multidisciplinary approach.

Its multidisciplinary team comprises developmental paediatrician, clinical psychologist, career counsellor, counsellors, special educators, physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, nutrition specialist, educational experts, and yoga therapist who have been trained and experienced to work with children and their families.

Aadhaar was set up on 27th of September 2004. It has 2 divisions - Child Development Division and Psychological Counselling Division. The Psychological Counselling Division is further subdivided into personal and career counselling divisions. Aadhaar is also running a special school for children, a school clinic and an adolescent clinic under the ambit of these divisions.

Through these divisions, Aadhaar addresses needs pertaining to children’s development, behavior, emotional wellbeing and in coping up with learning difficulties. The cycle of services is right from the birth to the age of 19 years. It also provides counselling and training support to their families. Since the commencement of its operations, there has been a steady increase in the annual registrations. Till date, over 3800 children have accessed Aadhaar's services. The services include a range of assessments such as neuro-developmental examination, psychoeducational testing, speech and language assessment and functional assessment for educational programming.

It is notable to mention that Aadhaar is the only centre authorized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for certification of Children with Learning Disability

The Entity’s Legal Status

Aadhaar is registered as a society under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 1973 (clause 44) since 21st February 2005 vide S. No. 01/01/01/14751/05. Further, it is also registered under the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 (Amendment No. 1 of 1996) as per clause 52 (2) vide Sl. No. ?. ??. /2016-17/107 dated 1 st April 2017, the validity being renewed every three 3 years. In addition, Aadhaar is also registered with the National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. Its registration number is MAAD16513109330 dated 06/04/2016.

Looking Within and Beyond

Our Core Values

Our vision and mission statements necessarily evolve from a set of our Core Values which we cherish. The core values are presented in the box below

  • Inclusiveness: We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.
  • Participation: We value and recognise contributions of volunteers within the organisation and across the communities.
  • Excellence: We deliver the evidence-based and highest quality services in all our endeavours.
  • Ethics: We strive to meet the highest ethical standards
  • Openness: We are committed to a transparent work culture of teamwork and functional collaboration, both within the organisation and across organisations in the community space.
  • Stewardship: We take pride in being socially and financially responsible and accountable.
  • Innovation: We continually seek to learn, improve, be creative and enable change.

Vision Statement

“Aadhaar’s vision is a community where all individuals, including those with special needs, are empowered to thrive and participate fully in the society”.

Mission Statement

“Aadhaar’s mission is to create opportunities for abiding success for all individuals across all ages, including those with special needs”.

Strategic Focus to Accomplish the Mission

Aadhaar seeks to help people transform their lives with accent on protecting and promoting individual rights. Towards this end, it seeks to:

  • Serve as an Open Forum and Catalyse Action for Institutional Networking in Promoting the Prevention of Occurrence of Disabilities and their Effective Mitigation
    1.) Alliance building with key stakeholders that are close to the Focus Groups (Target Audience) and have similar or shared beliefs. The Focus Groups include inter alia, the following: High Risk Newborns, Children with Severe Disabilities, Children with Learning Disabilities, Children and Adolescents with Behavioral Issues and Psychosomatic Conditions, Child Behavioral Concerns Arising in Families with Marital Discord and Other Related Issues; and Students for Making Correct Career Choices.
    2.) Identifying Necessary Complementing Skills (Media, Social Research, Policy Analyses etc.) in securing shift from the paradigm of “disability” and “illness” to “neurodiversity” perspective resting on the premise of advocacy for autism rights.
  • Advocate for Access to Identification and Support Interventions for an Extended Outreach
    1.) Data Analysis and Review
    2.) Mobilizing large numbers of diverse supporters and/or reach many regions towards extending scope of services
    3.) Develop and update Standard Service/Treatment Protocols
  • Foster Research in Evidence-based Best Practices
    1.) Undertake Care Audit vis-à-vis Compliance with Current Research Evidence on Scientific Validation
    2.) Developing and Documenting Case Studies on Successes and Failures on Service Deliverance
    3.) Cross-learning and Sharing Experiences
  • Render Need-based Services
    1.) Programme/Project Planning
    2.) Creating the Critical Mass of Service Providers, Supervisors and Mentors
    3.) Continuing Capacity Building of Service Providers
    4.) Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

Working Strategy

  • Assist children with disabilities of all kinds - physical, mental, speech etc., identify the hidden Learning Disability and help them overcome the trauma and the social ostracizing that goes with it.
  • Assist children and, particularly the adolescents, who are going through emotional disturbances and help them imbibe life skills for securing and maintaining healthy growth.
  • Mainstreaming children through the School Readiness Programme and support them in getting admission to the mainstream schools; thus preventing alienation of these children from the society.
  • Work in the direction of preventing behavioral and emotional issues through sponsored community efforts on a regular basis.
  • Provide counselling to parents and empower them to manage their child’s growth in an effective way.
  • Render career counselling by providing career orientation services in schools through workshops and personality development modules.
  • Adopt Life Cycle Holistic Approach to Child Development to fulfil the vision to assist and aid the growth of every child into a healthy and socially responsible human being and ensure a child grows in environment where s/he gets love, care and understanding thereby laying the “Aadhaar” (the edifice) for a responsible citizen.

Range of Services

Comprehensive Assessment and Therapy Plan Developed Jointly by Professionals Comprising

  • Paediatrician
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Special Educator
  • Yoga Therapist

Psychological Services For

  • Behavioral Problems in Children
  • Marital Problems and Impact on Child Growth
  • Personal and Parental Counselling
  • Career Counselling
  • Gerontological Counselling
  • Complete Psychological Counselling

Psychological Services For:

  • Skills Assessment and Career Counselling

Services Offered

With the prime objective of reaching out to those in the society who need a helping hand and to increase the awareness of public, the therapists and counsellors at Aadhaar Centre are carrying out several activities for various target populations. These include, inter alia, conduct of the following:

  • Assessments:Comprehensive assessment of child for development, emotional, behavioral, psychosomatic, neurodevelopment and educational problems.
  • Early Intervention Programme (EIP): For children with developmental delays, autism, ADHD, and other special needs.
  • Psychological Tests:Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test, Personality Tests (objective & projective tests), Interest and Aptitude.
  • Therapies: Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Behavior therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Play Therapy, and Family Therapy.
  • Multi-modal Treatment for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Autism and other behavioral problems.
  • Counselling: Pre-natal and ante-natal counselling, adolescent counselling, behavioral counselling, crisis intervention.
  • Remedial Teaching for Children with Learning Difficulty.
  • Career Counselling: Individual as well as group counselling sessions for adolescents who are at verge of career selection.
  • Support in Parenting: Workshops on parenting, behavior management, life skills, adolescent problems and management, stress management, anger management, assertiveness training, exam phobia, personality development, self-development.
  • Training Programmes: For parents, teachers, adolescents, educators, counsellors.
  • School Health Programme: To promote positive physical and mental health in children and for early detection and intervention in emotional physical and psychological problems.
  • Capacity Building of Self-Help Groups: For parents, adolescents, teenagers, teachers, social workers, counsellors to promote psychosocial education and awareness.
  • Study centre of IGNOU for a post-graduate course on MSc: Aadhaar is also a Study Centre for Counselling and Family Therapy (M.Sc. - CFT) under school of disabilities. Also, it is a Study Centre for DNHE, CIG and CFN courses of IGNOU University.

Targeted Service Recipients

Children and adolescents having developmental, emotional, learning and behavioural problems are the prime recipients of Aadhaar’s integrated and multi-disciplinary set of care and support services. These services comprise a range of differentiated individual-centric interventions including inter alia, securing efficacious Ante Natal Care (ANC), Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), Psychological Counselling and Support for children 5 to 9 years, adolescents of 10 to 14 years and 15-19 years, Career Counselling for the young adults upwards and special counselling for persons afflicted with stress and emotional distress. Thus, Aadhaar reaches out to meet special needs of people across all ages.

Aadhaar Team

Aadhaar’s ‘Health Plus Team’ includes Obstetrician, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Neonatologist and Developmental Paediatrician for taking care of children from the foetal stage to 5 years and empowering the younger parents. On the other hand, Aadhaar’s ‘Special Care Plus Team’ comprises experts in the domains of Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Special Educators, Career Counsellor, Counsellors, Educational Experts, Nutrition Specialist and Yoga Expert addresses the special care needs of individuals from the age 5 years onwards.

The two teams comprise professional experts from amongst the Core Team as well as those from the Resource Pool. The Core Team includes the following

  • Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla
  • Dr.Anupama Maheshwari
  • Dr Preeti Mathur
  • Ms Kalpana Parihar
  • Ms Deepali Kekre
  • Ms Raksha Vighne
  • Ms Sheela Verma
  • Ms Pushpa Negi
  • Ms Renuka Tiwari
  • Ms Lata Jeswani
  • Ms Priyanka Rajput

Services of the Resource Pool Experts across the range of disciplines are drawn upon as per the need. The following are a few of the Resource Pool Experts who are aligned with the Aadhaar’s mandate and service dispensation

  • Ms Nidhi Sahu
  • Ms Geetanjali Jha
  • Ms Kavita Tamhaney
  • Ms Roli Mishra
  • Mr Lokesh Sonpure
  • Ms Aparna Thatte

The total human resources strength at Aadhaar is 101, with 21 people working full time and rest in part time.

Institutional Structure

Aadhaar Gyan Dhatri Samiti renders the institutional mechanism to the Aadhaar Centre. The Samiti is registered under the Societies Act of 1860 as a non-government organisation (NGO). Its governance bodies include the General Body and the Managing Committee. The General Body is the supreme authority deciding the organisation’s policies. It has 32 members. Every three years, seven members are elected from amongst the General Body members who form the Managing Committee. Important decisions, like amending the society’s rules and regulations, are taken based on consensus or majority vote during the Annual General Body meeting. In addition, the General Body appraises and adopts the annual auditor’s statement of accounts and the Annual Report. The Managing Committee is the executive body of the Samiti tasked with the responsibility of leading the routine affairs of the Samiti. It meets at least four times a year to oversee the implementation of agenda approved by the Governing Body. It bears the final responsibility of governance of projects, financial accountability and overall management. Nominations to invite new members to join the General Body are also overseen by this committee. Projects are reviewed based on monthly reports sent by the Project Coordinators.

Activities Carried out/Being Undertaken by Aadhaar

Experts from Aadhaar are associated with many organisations as Life Skills Trainers, Expert Faculty and Counselors. These include

Private Schools

  • Kendriya Vidyalayas (1, Bairagarh, Itarsi, Hoshangabad.),
  • Sharda Vidya Mandir
  • Red Rose Group of Schools
  • DAV School, Canyon Hr. Sec. School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Sanskaar Valley School
  • Gyan Ganga School
  • Sagar Public School (Saket Nagar and Lal Ghati)
  • International Public School
  • Billabong High School
  • Kidzee School
  • Green Valley school
  • Bal Bhavan School
  • Demonstration School
  • Rajeev Gandhi School
  • World way International School
  • Orion School
  • Mithi Gobindram School
  • Bonifoi school
  • Redcliff school

Government Schools

  • Model School
  • Sarojini Naidu Girls School
  • Kamla Nehru School
  • Old Campion School
  • Dam kheda Govt School
  • Sultania School
  • Akbarpur School
  • Raja Bhoj School
  • School of Excellence
  • Shahjahanabad School


  • Indian Academy of Pediatrics
  • IES College, Regional College
  • Administrative Academy
  • NRHM
  • Rajya Shiksha
  • WCD


  • Taal
  • Sangini
  • Samavesh
  • Aarambh
  • Child Right Observatory
  • SOS Children Homes
  • Aangan Trust
  • BGVS

Educational Activity

Aadhaar is an IGNOU Study Centre for Masters in Counseling and Family Therapy (M.Sc CFT), Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education(DNHE),Certificate in Food And Nutrition(CFN) , Centre for CIG (Certificate in Guidance). Aadhaar is also affiliated to Course of Counseling and Guidance by NCERT, and Diploma in Guidance and Counseling in Barkatullah University, Bhopal.

Some of the Ongoing Programmes: These include the following

  • Antenatal Clinics: Pregnant women and their partners
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NI CU) Graduate Program: For high risk newborns.
  • The Early intervention programme is particularly for children with developmental delays, physical, mental, speech problems, autism, ADHD, learning disability, and other special needs.
  • School Readiness Programme: For children with mild to moderated disability. Mainstreaming in regular schools has been done for 25 children successfully as of now.
  • School Clinic: For children with Academic difficulties. Aadhaar is the only centre authorized by CBSE for certification of children with Learning Disability.
  • Customized Counselling Program for Parents (CCPP)
  • Psychological Counselling Cell
  • Career Counselling Cell
  • Life Skill Training Program
  • Jeevan Aadhaar
  • Capacity Building and Training Programmes on Adolescent issues, Child Protection and Counselling Skills.
  • Study Centre for IGNOU for master’s course in Counselling and Certificate and Diploma courses in Child health, Nutrition, Counselling and Psychology.

Organisational Chart
Aadhaar Centre

Our Resource Persons And Divisions

  • Dr. Jagmeet K Chawla Developmental Pediatrician & National Master Trainer(Indian Academy of Pediatrics) in Poor School Performance & Adolescent Training. Director Child development division, Early intervention clinic and Learning disability Clinic.
  • Dr. Preeti Mathur Consultant Psychologist , Counsellor and life skill trainer. Director Counselling Division , School Clinic and incharge of Jeevan Aadhaar helpline Adolescent master trainer.
  • Dr. Anupma Maheshwari Career Counsultant and and life skill trainer Director Career Counselling Division and coordinator IGNOU study centre.

Contact Details

  • Aadhaar Centre E-3 Senior MIG 12 Arera Colony Near Bhopal Fracture Hospital Bhopal-462016.
  • Telephone:+917554275551,4258622,910954885
  • Email:
Aadhaar Centre