Internship at Aadhaar

  • Min 100 Hrs Training Programme.
  • 75 hrs Common for all
  • 25 hours according to speciality/Field

Aadhaar Centre

75 Hours Program

  • To increase Social media visibility .
  • Fundraising
  • Child development exposure-Special education,Speech,PT/OT
  • Parent counselling as observer.
  • Teaching classes for older students School Plus.
  • Career Counselling-what/why/when,tests, careers.ppt/charts/posters

25 Hours Program-According to field speciallity

Social Work

  • TB patients home visits
  • Case study
  • Community visit


  • Project for Sustainability benchmark
  • Best Practices –NGO
  • Social media strategy
  • Subscriptions
  • Donation


  • Case discussion
  • Upload and print documents
  • Type of counselling and techniques of counselling
  • Assessments.
  • Tests: Personality,intellectual,aptitude,interest,EQ,social maturity,draw a man, LD,Autism,ADHD,Developmental screening.

Evaluation of Internship

  • Internship Evaluation form
  • Internship Report

Applicant Information


One Month Three Month Six Month

Areas of Interest

Child Development Psychological Counseling Writing
Tele Counseling Psychological Counseling Marketing
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Aadhaar Centre