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Children with special needs

Aadhaar is running a School readiness programme for children who are differently abled. The main ideology is inclusion and mainstreaming of every child in regular schools therefore helping them overcome the trauma and social rejection, thus preventing alienation of these children from society. The Early intervention programme is particularly for children with developmental delays, physical, mental, speech problems, autism, ADHD, learning disability, and other special needs. Here children are trained by team of professionals.

Children with learning disabilities

Aadhaar is authorized by CBSE as Certification authority for learning disabled students for availing CBSE provisions. It is the only authorized centre in Madhya Pradesh.


To help adolescents in overcoming their emotional, academic & behavioural problems and to help them in stream and career selection Aadhaar centre is doing in- house& out house counselling sessions. To sensitize them about changes during puberty various workshops, orientation programs, talk shows and life skill training programmes are being conducted by Aadhaar.

Children with poor school performance

Aadhaar centre is running school clinic to help the children with poor scholastic performance, where children are helped according to their need to overcome their barriers.


Parenting is an art and there is no law of good parenting. To help parents on this issue various workshops have been conducted. It includes workshops for antenatal mothers, parents of children with special needs, parents with specific age related problems like Parenting toddlers, Parenting Pre schoolers, Parents of Adolescents etc.


To sensitize and to help teachers in making assessments and managing students with poor scholastic performance we conduct various workshops, orientation programs, in-house training programs and life skill training program for teachers.

Counselling professionals

to train them in various skills required in Counselling we at Aadhaar conduct Counselling skill training program every year. Aadhaar is Program Centre for MSC CFT (Counselling and Family Therapy) launched by IGNOU. Also Special Study centre for CIG (Certificate in Guidance) and DECE (Diploma in Early Childhood Care). We are also affiliated to International Course of Counselling and guidance by NCERT, and Diploma in Guidance & Counseling in Barkatullah University, Bhopal. We have a forum of SENCO’s (Special need coordinators) where counselors and faculty from various CBSE Schools are members. Here, Aadhaar provides technical help and training to counselors in dealing with children with special needs.

Other professionals

Aadhaar professionals are also providing training to different professionals from the corporate sector on life-skills, also to Aaganwadi personnels, STI counselors, paralegal workers, professionals from Company secretaries etc.

Faculty at Aadhaar are associated with NITTTR, RIE, Composite Regional Centre for People with Disability, Barkatullah University CRISP, MPCON, SOS Children Homes, Nutan College, IGNOU, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Canyon Hr Sec School, Rajeev Gandhi school and various other colleges and schools of Bhopal.

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