Aadhaar Career Assesment Programme

What is career counseling?

CAREER COUNSELING IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR. In many respects, career education has never been needed more than it is today. It has been observed that the student community faces considerable confusion with regard to choice of courses that would lead them to successful careers. A lot of time and money is spent to prepare a concrete base for one’s career by taking relevant courses. In case the student chooses a profession, which doesn’t match his/her personality, aptitude or in areas he/she is not interested, then all of his/her preparation would be a waste and he/she may end up as a poor performer in his/her respective field with no job satisfaction. Moreover the matter of career decision often plays a crucial role in the development of individual identity and purpose, as well as positive self-esteem and interpersonal functioning.

What is the right time to undergo Career Counseling?

Although class 10th is the right time to undergo career counseling but students at any stage of their education and career can avail of this facility.

What is the time duration and other necessities for career test?

It is a time bound test and total time taken to complete a particular test is approximately four hours. This test is lengthy so instead of completing it in a day, many candidates try to complete it in two days, taking two hours each day. Student mind should be fresh, he/she should be alert and sit in a place where interfering activities are least likely to occur.

What is the fee structure for career counseling?

  • Online Career Counseling Test- Rs 2000/-
  • Online Career Counseling Test + Face to Face Counseling- Rs 3000/-

What is Career Psychometric Test?

Our Career counselors help the students in clearing their confusion by using standardized Career Psychometric Tests. These tests are reliable and valid instruments which are used worldwide to gather data. Testing and assessments help both the psychologist and the client to determine the nature and extent of his or her strengths and weaknesses. It also guides the counselor to make an unbiased assessment. Here we use battery of three tests- Aptitude, Interests and Personality-to assess the students. Aptitude indicates strength of the student/client in a given area and predicts success in studies, training programs and careers, which require competencies in that particular area. There are various aptitudes, which are important from the viewpoint of making career choices. The various aptitudes tested are: Mechanical Reasoning, Spatial Relations, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Language Usage, and Speed and Accuracy. An Interest indicates liking or disliking for the job responsibilities associated with an occupation. As it has been proved by past studies and research that if one pursues a particular interest area as one’s career, automatically, extra efforts are put in to excel and succeed in it. Whereas, if you are forced to enter a career or field of work that is not enjoyed or likeable, one would feel demotivated and the work would become a drudgery as well as a monotonous affair. Thus, it is critical interest and very crucial to know, as early as possible, where one’s interests lie, as then only would one be able to make the right choice. Therefore, the assessment tools and tests used by us, reveal the interests of students and clients thereby helping them to choose which career they should pursue from a cluster of occupations. This test incorporates a varied cluster of occupations in the field of Business, Clerical, Service, Science, Outdoor, Communication, Arts, Technology, etc. Personality indicates the sum total of characteristics of an individual. Generally our external and internal characteristics describe our personality. It is assessed by the effectiveness with which one is able to elicit responses to different circumstances.

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