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Child Development

Aadhaar Child Development Clinic is formed with the specific objective of providing coordinated multi-disciplinary care to children with developmental disabilities.

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Aadhaar Centre

Psychological Counselling

With our hectic lifestyles and ever mounting pressure to reach our goals there is a need for some form of guidance to help us with these insurmountable issues.

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Aadhaar Centre

Inherent Talent Mentoring (Career Counselling)

Our career counselling division is regularly conducting Psychometric Career Testing for students of Class IX onwards...

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Vision & mission

Our Vision

Aadhaar’s vision is a community where all individuals, including those with special needs, are empowered by igniting their inherent talent to thrive and participate fully in society.

Our Mission

Create opportunities for abiding success for all individuals across all ages, including those with special needs by igniting their inherent talent.

Lend a helping hand

Aadhaar is a registered Charitable Trust; your small contribution can make a huge difference for hundreds of people. With a simple transaction, you can change someone’s life; we believe that even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference.

Let’s make a move and help people move forward in their life.
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Latest Events

07 February 2020

Orientation on counselling skills in regional college.

Aadhaar Centre